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Zelos Wilder
Basic Info
Status Active
Member Since 2018
Roleplay Time Lifetime since 1986; BLN since 2018
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Zelos Wilder currently posts on the chan as `Ula`ula, and has formerly posted as Tom Badgerlock and anonymously while avataring as liches and as Ethereals from the original X-Com.

Player Information[]

Zelos arrived on the Ponychan' /story/ board shortly after the second season of Friendship is Magic, sent there by the prereaders of Equestria Daily.

Despite having been an avid roleplayer since his childhood, Zelos never explored the /rp/ board. Instead, he stuck to /story/ for a few months before becoming involved in /chat/ and /oat/, and later /ef/. It was a chance meeting with Jade--and Zelos' sincere interest in her characters--that led to his arrival in Better Layton Never.

A cross-country move and a demanding job have made it challenging for Zelos to join in on the actual roleplay, but he has enjoyed his time in the Discord server. As of this writing, he is not yet close to any other members except for his friend Jade and his girlfriend Minxy.

On Ponychan proper Zelos mostly sticks to the Story serial on /ef/, though when that thread is slow he will poke other threads on /ef/ and /oat/.


Zelos has been roleplaying since early 1986 (at the age of 5). His preferred tabletop systems are Pathfinder and the Black Library systems, though he is willing to try any system once. BLN is his first experience with roleplaying though an imageboard.


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Zelos Wilder - Pending