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Vongola HQ

Vongola Headquarters, located in southeastern Terrestria, is the main base of operations for the Vongola Family. The exact location isn't known, but it is said to be the home of the Ninth and Tenth Vongola bosses, Timoteo and Sawada Tsunayoshi. It is heavily guarded by the Vongola Royal Guard , and is said to be impenetrable.

The Vongola HQ is said to be home to the strongest Mafia Family in the world, and it is here where the Elite of the Elite gather.

The building istelf measures to nearly 40 times the size of Wayne Manor, housing close to 100,000 Vongola members, and 20,000 imprisoned Mafioso who tried to oppose them.

The Vongola itself is made up of over 1,500,000 main family members worldwide, holding several bases on other countries and continents.

The family has many side-familes and lesser known allies. The size of the Vongola in its entirety spans well over 2,000,000 people.