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Useless Questions

Q1: Is Damara Megido allowed? She is offensive, swears and uses innapropriate jokes and words racistly translated in Japanese. Similar to Karkat Vantas, but his is kind of "mild".

Q2: Can I make my own RP? Or is that for people with a higher status?

Q3:  What on earth is a "roll"?

Q4: Where does the RP happen?

Q5: Can you swear at the RP?

Q6: Can a character have a power that wasn't originally owned at canon, but was gained via roleplay? For example, if a character weilds a sword/touches something that gives them permanent powers, is that allowed?

Q7: Similar to question 6, but what if an item can change a character's personality? And if it's permanent?


Q9: Can you roleplay as an existing character in an ongoing roleplay?

Q10: Can characters with no defined personality-say, Frisk from Undertale-have our own deciption of his personality? 

Q11: Are people who are bad at roleplaying allowed here?

Q12: What if someone goes OOC?

Q13: Can you add OCs?

Q14: Is Non-Canon romance allowed?

Q15: Can a character die?

Q16: If a character sticks out their body part, like an arm in a nova rift thingy, and then it closes before the character is consumed, will the character's body part/arm get cut off? Or will it remain?