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The Core Three Go-busters, Red Buster, Blue Buster, and Yellow Buster

The Tokumei Sentai Go-busters are the 36th 

super sentai team, and as such are a group of 5 people with the ability to morph into Super Powered forms to fight various Monstrous threats.  With The Founding of Enetron Co. on Rigel Prima , the Go-busters traveled there through a rift and have sense been monitoring this strange New group selling and trading enetron to various people.

As the 36th super sentai team, the Go-busters have access to numerous weapons, and Mecha used to fight against whatever threat happens to go their way.

Beet Buster(Gold) and Stag Buster (Silver) the two additional rangers to the Go-buster team


  • Red Buster- Hiromu Sakurada
  • Blue Buster- Ryuji Iwasaki
  • Yellow Buster- Yoko Usami
  • Beet Buster- Jin Misato
  • Stag Buster- Beet J. Stag


As the designer of the Gobuster system, Jin Misato decalred that perfection was boring and thus, integrated weaknesses into the Buster system. 

Hiromu will freeze up at the mention of chickens.

Ryuji has over heating problems.

And Yoko will get physically ill if she goes too long without eating sugar.