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The Ten Year Bazooka is a legendary weapon capable of firing someone ten years into the future. The victim is switched with the version of themselves ten years in the future for a total of five minutes, ensuring they never meet each other to avoid any kind of paradox.

The Bazooka is purple in color, and does not cause any physical or mental damage. Both the bazooka and the victim are engulfed with a pink smoke when fired, and the same smoke appears when the victim returns to their own time.

This weapon, however, is very easy to break. It malfunctions often and can cause odd side effects or change what the bazooka does entirely. Such examples include a longer period of time switched with your older self, or possible being switched with your self from the past.

It is possible to fire the Bazooka at someone multiple times in succession, making it possible to summon the 20 or even 30 year later version of whoever is shot by the bazooka.

Due to the nature of the bazooka, it is possible that no-one will show up when someone is shot with the bazooka. This is because a future version of the victim is either dead, or doesn't exist, so there's nobody to come to the past. The effects will however remain the same, and the victim will return to the past when the 5 minutes are up.

The Ten Year Bazooka belongs to the Vongola Family's own Lambo, though it is currently in the possession of Sasuun Vongola.