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Basic Info
Age 23
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Pegasus Pony/Fangire
Classification Kamen Rider
Affiliation The Town, Kamen Riders
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Equestria
Powers Survive use of Kiva powers, enhanced healing factor
Weapons Zanvat Sword
Equipment Kivat Belt, Machine Kivaa, Fuestles
Status Discontinued
Face Claim N/A
Player Ivory

Skyler Kurenai, or  Preddi, is equestria's equivalent to Kamen Rider Kiva

Skills and Abilities[]

Preddi in Emperor Form

Preddi is an acomplished violinist, when confident in her abilities, she can play beautifully, and has had to on several occasions to keep the mortage her father, Otoya Kurenai, left on the house she lives in.  

Through the use of her partner, Kivat Bat the Third, Preddi can become Kiva, a Kamen Rider form powered by her fangire blood.  As Kiva, she has the standard enhanced agility and enhanced strength that comes with most super hero transformations, as well as access to the Darkness Moonbreak Rider kick.  She has 3 other forms in addition to this, the Garuru saber form, which gives her a wolf blade and the agility and instincts of a werewolf, the Bassha Magnum, which gives her a high powered magnum capable of destroying glass and the hydrokinesis of a mermaid, and finally, the Dogga Hammer, which gives her all the raw power of a Franken, as well as their forsight through the use of the Hammer's eye.

Finally, through the assistance of Tatsulot, Preddi has access to Kiva Emperor form,  a form that uses the full extent of her fangire blood to be used against the Fangire.


originally docile and shy, with help from her friends in the Neighponese town she grew up, she soon blossomed into a sociable and confident young mare.  She enjoys the company of others, playing her violin, and the taste of coffee with extra creamer. 


Preddi's house got dropped in by a rift one day, and since then she'd been working and walking around town, defending it and the surrounding area as Kiva whenever she got the chance.

Eventually a strange racoon person asked for Mortage, confused and not sure what to do, Preddi held several concerts to collect the money this "Nook" person wanted.

Relationship Guide[]