Sheers were a ancient race of humans that lived in the northern area of the countinent of Belle'Ayn, hundreds of years ago.

However, they all died off due to unknown reasons, because of their secluded, xenophobic lifestyle, not much information on what happened to them has been discovered. All that is left of them is the ruins of their cities that lie in the mountains.

HOwever, they aren't completely gone from the world, some humans, if they happen to have a Sheer in their bloodline, can become one themselves as they reach a certain age, even if their parents are not Sheers, as long as someone in their bloodline was one, they might become one themseves. This inbreeding with humans and the possibility of it leading to a civil war, is rumored to be what drove the Sheers to extinction, only their human offspring and ruins to remember them.

The most prominent feature of the Sheers were their appearance, white hair with lavender highlights, red eyes, pale skin, typically short, along wtih this, they had the ability to manipulate cold. Their body temperatures could be lowered to extreme temperatures, wtih this they have an invulnerability to cold temperatures, able to wear nothing in places that would kill a human in seconds. They also have the abilty to create objects from ice or snow, weather it be miniture ice sculptures or a icicle to be used as a weapon.

However, they are not without weakness, while they are able to create weapons from nowhere and resist frigid temperatures like nothing, when exposed to heat, they become drowsy or dizzy, a effect similar to narcotics. Even the most powerful of Sheers can be rendered completely inert by putting them in a bathtub of hot water.
Sheer body fluids, blood, sweat, saliva, etc. also has amazing anti-freeze like qualities as well.

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Ryuji, one of the descendants of the long dead race