Ryuji Akari
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Basic Info
Age 11 yrs
Birthday ???
Gender Male
Race Sheer
Classification Sub-human
Affiliation Wayne Manor
Chumhandle ???
Origin World OC
Powers Manipulation of cold, snow, and ice
Weapons None
Equipment Nothing
Status Active
Face Claim Nai (Karneval)
Player Patches

Ryuji, one of the younger characters at the mansion, is a odd white haired shota boy. Other than his white hair and red eyes, another odd thing about him is the cold aura he has, his skin being as cold as clay to the touch. As it turns out, Ryuji isn't even human at all, rather one of the descendants of the mountain dwelling race known as the Sheers.

While he is young and his ice manipulation is great, he has a lot to learn before he is ready to save the mansion. But I believe, Ryuji can save Rigel Prima

For more information on the Sheers, see their page

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Ryuji's main ability is his natural abilities as a Sheer, manipulation of ice and cold. While he can't create any large objects, he can create minature ice sculptures easily. The largest object he's able to create is a block of ice the size of a soda can. Although, that doesn't mean that's all he can make. He is also able to cause it to snow indoors, much to the changringe of others, as it lowers the temperature of enclosed spaces by a lot.

His body temperature can also be lowered, most of the time it is a similar temperature to that of a dead body. His body temperature can be changed at will, but it also can coorilate with his emotions. If he is angry, afraid, or frustrated, it can lower. Extreme situations can drop his body temperature to dangerous levels.


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