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Basic Info
Age N/A
Birthday ???
Gender Male
Race Black Star Familiar
Classification Weapon
Affiliation Wayne Manor, Black Star Legion
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Black★Rock Shooter:Innocent Soul
Powers Ability to shapeshift into any tool usable by Rock, and the ability to take on a human form
Weapons Self
Equipment N/A
Status Inactive/Deceased
Face Claim N/A
Player Ivory (Player)

Ron is Rock's Partner and Weapon Familiar, used in Assisting her against Stagnant Souls and other threats.

His named Weapon forms include the Rock★Cannon, Black Blade, and presumably the BRSBlade and Seven Shots

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

aside from his shapeshifting abilities, Ron considers himself an avid comedian, though the true skill in this is his ability to make people barf from his attempts at comedy.

Partners don't cheat on each other 'eh

Ron's Human form


While in Battle, while Rock is the silent one, Ron is the one who tends to make witty remarks, observations, and comments on the enemy's mother.  Casually he's a friendly and sociable snake often making friends quickly.

Any personality he has seems to disappear as the BRSBlade and Sevenshots.


Ron came to the BLN Verse with Rock when the Rift to purgatory opened, he's since returned to purgatory due to assistance from William T. Spears

Relationship GuideEdit

  • Rock - Friend/Black Star Partner