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Basic Info
Age 15
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Human
Classification Black Star, Corporeal Soul
Affiliation Wayne Manor, Black Star Legion
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Black★Rock Shooter:Innocent Soul
Powers Super Human Agility and Strength, Ability to Transform into "Beast" Mode, Eye Flame
Weapons Rock★Cannon, Black Blade, both weapons formed from her Partner: Ron, BRSBlade, Seven Shots
Equipment N/A
Status Inactive/Deceased
Face Claim N/A
Player Ivory (Player)

Rock is a Black Star, a corporeal soul that serves to purify the Stagnant Souls of the Threshold, her world's version of Purgatory.  When a rift opened into her world, both she and the entire population of Souls of the Threshold entered the living world of BLN

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Rock is a skilled fighter, having gained that skill through raw experience while fighting Stagnant Souls in the 

Brs beast by amamiya yuuko-d54n04e

Black★Rock Shooter Beast, Rock's "Beast Mode"

Threshold, however unlike other Black Stars she has regained both her emotions and her ego, and thus uses a combination of her fighting techniques and empathy for the other souls to help them pass on to the after life.


While in combat, Rock is a silent and seemingly unfeeling, during her free time she's cheerful and out going, and easily excitable, enjoying both sports and, to a degree, fashion, although she becomes shy around the mention of the latter.  

She has a strong sense of Justice, and is strongly against the idea of others choosing someone's fate for them.


Rock came to the BLN universe when a rift into the plane of the Threshold opened in the sky, pouring in both her and the rest of the reality warping Stagnant Souls, she vowed she'd collect and help everyone of them she could.  Finding herself in the woods soon after, she encountered Nu-13 and briefly fought her, calling Ron, who had discovered the Manor, to her aid.  Soon after the Nu altercation, Rock moved into the manor.  Present during the Brimstone Knights Altercations, Rock took part in the battles and gained access to her "Beast Mode".  

Relationship GuideEdit

  • Ron - Partner/Familiar