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Rider Rings
13 Heisei Rider Rings.jpg
Item Info

Item Type Magical Artifact
Owner Saya Souma, Jo Inarison
Created by Smith of the Rider Rings
World of Origin Kamen Rider
Depicted using Rider Ring toys

The Rider Rings, often times called Kamen Rider Rings, are a magical Object of immense Power, allowing their users to channel a certain amount of energy into the ring to either transform into, or summon the Kamen Rider or Rider-tan counterpart to the area to do battle.

Item History

Created by a Mysterious Mage, known only as The Smith of the Rider Rings, the rings were Spread out through out the world when his Library was attacked by an evil organization known as "G.O.D.", using these Rings "G.O.D." created an Apocalypse using the Ring's power for their own.  A Kamen Rider known as Shinji came back in time to prevent this, and with the help of a party of 6, succeded in destroying G.O.D., after the event, Saya, took the rings and has been keeping them in the Mansion since.

In an Alternate Reality World that they had stumbled into soon after their Honeymoon, Saya, and Haruko, and Tsukasa Kadoya , found themselves at odds with a being named Amadam , whom had somehow summoned 13 of the Rider Rings into her world.  After the event, the rings vanished from the Alternate Reality world and returned to their rightful place.

Since Saya has moved, the Rider rings place of safekeeping has too, now kept in a vault in Apex Tower, the Rings are there to be pulled from whenever absolutely needed. The Rider smith has been sending Saya rings of new riders as they're crafted.

Amount of Rider Rings/Use of

With each Kamen Rider represented by a ring, and each of their varying forms represented, the ammount of Rings numbers somewhere over 200.

The rings, while naturally used via channeling Mana through them to teleport or transform into a rider can also be activated through various other forms of energy, varying from Ki energy, Spiral energy, sheer willpower, and to even small electric shocks sent into the ring.

It may be possible to Activate Soul Resonance with the Rider it depicts if the Meister attempting to is compatible enough with the depicted Rider's soul wavelength; this form of Resonance is known as "RIDER RESONANCE".