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ReverseWorld was a story arc in which several characters swapped out with their counterparts from the eponymous "ReverseWorld"

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Plot Synopsis[]

November 2014, anomalies began occurring where Inhabitants and objects between the primary "Rigel Prima" and it's ReverseWorld Counterpart began to switch. This caused chaos among both sides, causing many to investigate, form temporary alliances, or attempt blending in as if nothing had happened.

While these anomalies occurred in The Town(s), Rifts and and Tears became even more prevalent than normal, seemingly being caused by the same source as the "swapping" and seemingly to slowly growing closer to a source. They seemed to be dropping Ant and sugar related things in from alternate universes.

The Source turned out to be ReverseWorld's equivalent to the Holy Grail, buried in a cave with an anthill, thus to grant the desires of the ants it tried pulling in Mana from both worlds where its pieces were, henceforth causing the anomalies.

The part of the Grail in ReverseWorld was thus confiscated by the "TearGuard", seemingly ending the chaos with hope that they could soon go home.

However this wouldn't last long as two forces each ended up claiming their world's piece of The Holy Grail, one side a Decepticon using the body of one of his diminutive descendants, the other a mage of untold skill and ability. Ultimately the decepticon, Starscream, had his desires win out in the end and he gained control of the now complete holy grail.

Using its powers he summoned an ancient Metrotitan and an army of minicons to do his bidding. the remerging of the grail had the odd effect of making The Town(s) exist in both worlds at once, the two towns merging in an unholy amalgamation.

The forces opposing Starscream eventually pushed through the minicon army and into the Titan where they eventually pushed Starscream to his limits.

Despite taking over the now lifeless Metrotitan's body, Starscream was still ultimately defeated, The Grail being used to restore the worlds back to their normal states before being used to send everyone back to the world they were swapped out of. The Grail is currently in the possession of Saya Souma in The main timeline.

Allusions and details that lead into future events[]

  • Hueco Mundo and Dream Sebastian(ReverseWorld) 's interactions leading Hueco to discovering the existence of Sebastian's medallions tying him to existing.
  • The Metrotitan's spark teleporting away from Sebastian's grasp.
  • Events during and After this serving to further associate the Autobots with the Main World's Town

Introduced in this Arc[]

*Some ReverseWorld characters have not appeared and may never appear as it can be presumed every character in Better Layton Never has an alternative self in this universe. Alton Sutcliff may also have hailed from this universe prior to his arrival to the Main World's Wayne Manor