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Basic Info
Status Active
Member Since July/2013
Roleplay Time Two years
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Steam Name King Unshippable
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Player Information[]

Ren's a fairly new player to BLN who's done comparatively less than some other newcomers, mostly due to a chronic case of the lazy. His contributions to the canon have been running out of the room any time there's even a hint of disagreement and awful puns, though he's willing to try and interact with anyone who asks him. As a player, Ren likes interactions of any sort, grand world shattering events with story behind them or meaningless chatter focused on two characters just interacting, although he's been trying to focus more on actually creating goals and reasons for characters to stay where they are.


Age 13: Began writing awful Sonic OC fanfiction on and did small pieces of chat RP with friends as aforementioned awful Sonic OC, but nothing serious.

Age 14.9: Stopped writing fanfiction, swore off using the internet in general, partly because this was the point when the family owned computer started being occupied by younger sibling and instead retreated into video games.

Age 16: Got own computer for birthday and gained an interest in Friendship is Magic, eventually plucking up the courage to post on Ponychan's /rp/ board, where he enjoyed a fairly fruitful career and made quite a few friends amongst the roleplayers there, some of which survived to this day.

Age 17: Due to differences in opinion and one too many mudfests later, distanced self from /rp/ and RPing in general, preferring to just sit back and and watch other roleplayers, occasionally doing light RPing in chat, but otherwise, he'd practically given up roleplaying in general.

Age 18: Still being in a rut of not RPing and being incredibly inactive, he was contacted by Caelum who had been in BLN earlier than him and convinced him to join, partly out of missing RP and partly because he wanted Caelum to shut up and not ask him again. Enjoys occasional RPing antics on MLPchan's /rp/ board and general chattery with it's people.

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