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One of the many buildings part of the Reaper Staffing Association.

This arc was holiday specific and character specific to Alton and Grell Sutcliff.


On Halloween of 2013, Alton Sutcliff was murdered by Leslie Vernon while he was alone in the Residential Hall of Wayne Manor.

Grell Sutcliff had been tasked to collect his soul for weeks prior and agonized over going through with it or pardoning the mansion owner's soul, allowing him to continue living another day. This conflict of moral choice ultimately ended with Grell choosing to stay her hand and spare Alton's life, which in turn damaged her reputation with her employers of the Reapers Staffing Association. Grell was taken from the mansion grounds shortly after to await 'punishment' for her reckless, biased, and unreliable behaviors building up to her error of pardoning Alton's death.

Knowing this could mean a mindwipe, death, or nonexistence for the Reaper, Mansion residents leapt to action to save the red reaper from a fate caused by a crisis of conscience. Such attacks of morality are something Reapers are supposed to avoid to remain impartial. Believing she was in the right for her actions, and noble for them too, the mansion residents staged a valiant attempt to stay the executioner's blade before time ran out.

Infiltrating the RSA headquarters went relatively smoothly, the mansion residents duping the lower workers of the RSA and successfully making their way to Grell and the trial held regarding her ineptitude.

As the mansion proved the ineptitude of the entire RSA itself by being able to infiltrate the Reaper's HQ, Grell was released on terms of improving her performance as a Reaper.

Extra Notes[]

This was the first instance of non-Reapers (or interns) being allowed into the RSA headquarters. This arc also was characterized by a cause and effect storyline, where there were multiple endings depending on what the player characters did.

Out of the endings preplanned for this arc, the players had successfully stumbled across the best ending by not successfully killing a Reaper of the RSA and getting to the council hall in a timely manner.