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This Arc was a villain spotlight arc for "Phoenix". It featured many elements from Neptunia and Kamen Rider, and makes reference to the "Kamen Rider Rings" discovered in an earlier adventure.


Plot Synopsis

The Phoenix Phantom, from Haruko Souma's world, got sent from a rift on her planet's sun and was ejected through it into Rigel Prima.

More powerful and stronger than ever before, The Phoenix sought revenge on Haruko and approached Wayne Manor, where she believed she'd have a chance to find her, eventually she found Haruko wasn't there, but the ensuing fight sparked an idea in Phoenix's head, and she stole the Leangle Rider ring.

Using the Leangle Rider ring, Phoenix preyed on the newly arrived Goddess's of Gameindustri, and pitted them against the denizens of Wayne Manor.

The people of the manor fought tooth and nail and eventually defeated each Goddess and freed her of the mind control, it proving to be monstrous "Spider Undead" possessing their bodies.

But that was when Phoenix revealed her hand, she had been using all this fighting among "Good hearted" people to open Pandora's box, gaining a ring from within that could send most of the world into the realm of the desolate "Pandora", effectively causing the end of the world.

The portals active and descending through the sky, it took them throwing Phoenix into the Pandora dimension herself to close the portals and put an end to this, since the rings and activity of the spell were tied to her life force.