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Basic Info
Age Less than a Year
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Phantom
Classification Kaijin
Affiliation Self
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Kamen Rider Wizard- Genderbend AU
Powers Pyrokinesis, Human Disguise
Weapons Catastrophe(Sword)
Equipment N/A
Status Inactive(Sealed inside the Pandora dimension)
Face Claim Yoko Litner -Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Player Ivory

The Phoenix Phantom, is a phantom from the world Haruko Souma hails from.  Born from a Youth who fell into despair on the day of the White Wizard's first Sabbath.

Skills and Abilities

Phoenix disguised as her Gate.

Phoenix has the ability to disguise herself as the Gate that she birthed from.

In her true form, Phoenix can control fire and wields the Catastrophe broadsword, whose blade is wreathed in flame. she can regenerate from any injury she suffers from an opponent. she can also revive from any attack that would be fatal to other Phantoms, but it takes a lot of energy to do so. Phoenix also developed the ability to fly with flame-wreathed wings after being strengthened by resurrection. Once back at full power after reviving, she's stronger than she was in her past life. Also the more times Phoenix resurrects herself, the faster her resurrection is, to the point where she can resurrect with no delay.


Brutish and arrogant, Phoenix was once an impulsive wrecking ball of destruction, but after regenerating on the sun several times, she grew in power, and intelligence, planning over the course of several months how her tactics and plans would work out.  While now cold and calculating, her biggest flaw remained to be her arrogance, being unable to see through it at times, she overlooks flaws in her plans, causing them to ultimately fail.


After being kicked to the sun by Haruko Souma in their home world, Phoenix remained there, dying and regenerating over and over again until a rift opened on the sun, sucking her in, she came rocketing down towards the surface of Rigel Prima where she began to plot her revenge.  Eventually her plan came to fruition when she stole the Leangle Rider Ring, using it to control the Goddesses of Gameindustri, so that she could use the Pandora ring, however this plan ultimately backfire on her, with only herself ending up being sealed in the Pandora dimension.

Relationship Guide

  • Legion - Subordinate