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Basic Info
Age 17, physically 11
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Human/CPU
Classification Goddess
Affiliation Planeptune, Gameindustri, PC continent, Wayne Manor
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Hyperdimension Neptunia
Powers Healing Factor, Superhuman strength, Goddess transformation
Weapons Yellow Heart Claw
Equipment CPU armor
Status Active
Face Claim N/A
Player Ivory

Peashy was originally a normal little girl in the Ultra Dimension, but after being kidnapped by the Seven Sages, they brainwashed her and turned her into the Goddess of the PC nation, Yellow Heart!  While the other children raised beside her grew up, being locked in her HDD form, Peashy remained at the age of 8 physically, in her human form, and mentally, in her Goddess form.  She later broke the brainwashing and joined the forces of Good again.

Skills and Abilities[]

Peashy as Yellow Heart

Peashy, even at her small size, is a fantastic combatant, having learne most of her "moves" and attacks from playing video games with Neptune and watching various Japanese hero programs, from Ultraman to Super Sentai.  Her inspiration for her fighting style is often shown in her tendency to pose after doing a finisher.

Peashy, like all of the Goddesses of Gameindustri, has the ability to transform into an HDD form, in her HDD form she gains the body of a curvacious teenaged woman, and with it enhanced durability, super strength, and super sonic flight capabilities.  Her Yellow Heart Claws are a set of metallic claws charged with the share energy that flows through her veins. 


Peashy is an enthusiastic and easily excited young girl.  Her favorite activities include fighting, eating, and playing video games, her favorite video game being Dance Dance Revolution.  Having the mind of, well, an 11 year old girl, she's quick to make mistakes or misjudge people, her naivety being her biggest weakness.  She loves Chocolate and steak, and chocolate steak, she's not sure what Chocolate steak is though, so we have to trust her word on this.


Peashy was at first a baby, raised by Neptune until she reached the age of 8 years old, at which point she was raised for a number of years by villains.  During that entire time period, her body remained 8 years old, because she was primarily in her goddess form.  Eventually Neptune and her party saved Peashy and the group lived happily ever after, until Peashy fell through a rift that is.

Once she fell through the rift, she encountered Kirito, and was imediately hostile to him, causing a brief altercation that ended in Peashy moving to the Manor.

Eventually Peashy's home continent came into the world of Rigel Prima through a rift, and soon Neptune moved into the Manor with Peashy.

Recently, Peashy was controlled again, along with the rest of the Gameindustri goddesses, to be used in battle, as part of The Phoenix Phantom's plot to use the Pandora Ring.

Relationship Guide[]