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Basic Info
Status Active
Member Since Early 2012
Roleplay Time Almost 2 years
Contact Details
Steam Name Patches
E-mail Only given to those who ask
Other Skype name: Funny_Valentine

Player Information[]

Hello, I am Patches

My main character is the demon cat Hueco, as well as the mechanist Volker and the armor girl Hazel.

I like femboys and giant girls


I started out on /oat/ after seeing a thread about the Oblivious Mansion, this is where my first RP begun. I was under teh name Orange Blitz at the time, at that time Orange wasn't meant to be a OC, only a name. I frequently changed by title (I.E: Orange Blitz the Jarl, Orange Blitz the Great, etc.) When I RP'd in the Oblivious Mansion thread, I was going by the name Orange Blitz, The Demon of Pride. This was my first RP with him, a demon of pride. For several months, I RP'd in the AOS thread and I had fun. However, soon Orange faded out and I had the will for a new character.

Then came the Orion threads, due to creative differences, Oblivious started this canon along side AoS, it was for adventures. So I created teh character Doktor Patches out of this, a german pony with medical skills. Although, soon I faded from Orion as well as AOS and joined BLN, still using Patches as well as another OC, Margaret; a undead assassin pony with a removable head. Since my joining of BLN, I've taken up several characters, made some good relationships, and have had fun. I provide the players of the group wtih terrible puns, music, and roleplay.

List of Characters[]



  • Doktor Patches
  • Margaret
  • Allen Walker