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A Null Collar illuminated with absorbed energy.

A device developed in New Northumbria originally intended to use on magical creatures which nullify their magical and supernatural abilities and make them safer to handle, such as dragons. Null Collars in canon have been used more widely for more illicit activities and have been seen distributed both in the slave trade and used in Asylum.

Null Collars were developed in Foxcliff by Dr. Cidolphus Bunansa by lacing a particularly indestructible fibrous material with manufactured nethecite, which is a manmade element that naturally absorbs all magical and supernatural energies when in contact with said object. Null Collars come in a variety of sizes to match its purpose but are known to be expensive due to the cost of materials and developing the nethecite to use inside of the collars themselves. They therefore are not widely available to the public but can be found used by law enforcement agencies of other countries to handle more dangerous criminals whose abilities pose a constant threat.

Null Collars are extremely advanced and removal of them can only be done by a specific method keyed into the collars depending on their use. Normal collars often require a simple passcode to unlock the collar but collars used by skeevier underground purposes often require a fingerprint as well as a code to unlock to prevent accidents in case the subject discovers the code to their collar.

If an individual wearing the collar wields massive amounts of power they can overload the nethecite in the collar. If this were to happen the collar would explode, as nethecite overcharged with energy will expel the energy in an uncontrolled blast. More nethecite in a collar often prevents this but the requirements for an amount to nullify such prodigious energy would require a long time to create compared to normal null collars.