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Basic Info
Age Less than a year
Birthday ???
Gender Mostly Male
Race Human Clone
Classification Mass Produced Soldier
Affiliation NeoStrega
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Earth (Persona)
Powers Ability to access basic level personae
Weapons Laser rifle weaponry
Equipment Life Support systems connected to Masks
Status Discontinued
Face Claim Various Metrocops
Player Ivory

The P-Core standing for Persona Core, is a group of mass produced clone soldiers, each sporting a Persona.  While Most P-core troops sport the standard Orpheus Persona, others higher on the command chain are allowed more free will and Personality, thus giving them Personae different than those of their counterparts.


The P-core was formed by NeoStrega out of necessity for the most part, as they'd attempted many other forms of attaining foot soldiers before.  The front of their operation being a Pharmaceutical Corporation made it so out right recruiting would be a disaster, so they attempted to brainwash kidnapped Persona users, while this proved effective, it was too inefficient.  Eventually they turned to cloning, and while the Majority of the clones lacked any personality, thus had weak Personae, at least they had Persona Users in High Numbers that they could command in anyway they pleased.

Types of P-core Troops, and Personae abilities granted there of[]

A Basic P-core Grunt

  • Height: 5ft, 11
  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Persona: Orpheus
The Basic P-core grunt is designed to be obedient and follow orders, having little to no free will or personality. They have several combat protocols programmed into their brain, but for the most part depend on the Higher ranking clones for their orders. Being unable to activate a Persona on it's own, the P-core grunt's suits and masks are mostly a life support system constantly pumping the persona suppressant drug into their blood stream, without it they'd be killed by their Orpheus Personae.

  • Height: 5ft 11

    A P-core commander

  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Persona: Orpheus Telos
The P-core commander units have more free will and Personality granted to them, thus allowing them to use the more versatile Orpheus Telos persona. Programmed to lead groups of grunts into battle, they're able to create basic strategies for quick and short altercations, but are however not equipped to take command during long lasting Battles. Unlike the Standard grunt, the Commander is able to suppress it's persona with much smaller doses of the drug.

  • Height: 6ft 1
  • Weight: 190 pounds
  • Persona: various, but most commonly Izanagi variations (Excluding No Okami)

a P-core general

The P-core General units are granted complete free will, and have very well defined personalities, their Izanagi personae being slightly more powerful than the standard. Trained in several forms of martial arts, and several assassination protocols, the term General only comes into play when used to lead groups of P-core Commanders and P-core grunts through long battles. However since the previously mentioned battles have yet to surface, the Generals are usually used in attempts to get rid of especially difficult targets, serving as NeoStrega's personal assassins. As most P-core Generals have shown little to no need for Persona repressant drugs, some theorize they could be kidnapped natural Personae users, brainwashed into following the NeoStrega cause.