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NeoStrega is an Organization started by a group of wealthy businessmen who discovered the events revolving around

Place holder image, used to display what NeoStrega's headquarters may look like

Nyx, the SEEs group, and the original Strega.  Wanting to use the power of Nyx themselves as a device to control the masses and make money, the group didn't notice as their wills slowly started to fade and their own lives and desires began to be over-written with those of a Malevolent entity. 


The group of business men found tapes regarding to the Nyx and Strega events, and saw potential in Nyx to control the masses.  At first their operations started small, recruiting persona users to see if they would be able to undo the great seal.  As the companies frustrations grew and grew, the Malevolent entity saw weakness in this greed and soon invaded their bodies, corrupting and warping the minds of NeoStrega's members beyond recognition.  In their new corrupt state, NeoStrega practically abandoned all morals and taboos, deciding that while they would still seek awakening Nyx, they'd have to take controlling the world into their own hands.  Eventually discovering a low class rift, they used Mana from the P-core General's Izanagi's mana to fuel it long enough for them to study it and eventually build a gate leading directly to Rigel Prima, the gate however only has the ability to go between Rigel Prima and back to the Prime Persona Universe.  However as such, seeing the potential and various abilities of the world of Rigel Prima, NeoStrega sends various raid parties to Rigel Prima in attempts ot get new soldiers, new technology, and new equipment.

Further more, the Malevolent Entity that is truely running NeoStrega sees Rigel Prima as the key to Multiversal domination.