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Nemesis Prime
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Basic Info
Age pretty damn old
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Cybertronian
Classification Decepticon, Herald of Unicron
Affiliation Unicron
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Transformers
Powers Dark Energon Manipulation, Transformation, Pretender Shell
Weapons Identical Arsenal to the Main Universe's Optimus Prime
Equipment Identical Equipment to the Main Universe's Optimus Prime, Pretender Shell
Status Semiactive
Face Claim Ryouko Ookami from Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
Player Ivory

Nemesis Prime, is the result of an alternate Universe's Femme Optimus Prime's spark, being tortured and corrupted for millenia by the Chaos God Unicron, before being placed into a Cloned Body to serve as one of his Heralds.

Skills and Abilities[]

  • Nemesis using her Pretender Shell

    Nemesis has the standard ability of most Cybertronians in the ability to scan a vehicle and or animal to later mimic it's appearance
  • Mass Displacement- Nemesis is able to place the majority of her mass into a subspace frequency to change from her normally enormous size to about the size of the average human being
  • Pretender Shell- To better blend in with the locale of Rigel Prima, Nemesis has access to a human like organic shell.
  • Dark Energon Manipulation- as a Herald of Unicron, Nemesis has her Master's blood flowing through her body, being able to manipulate it for various purposes, from giving her above average strength, Energy Blasts, to instant regenrative abilities.  Presumably, she could also perform Cybertronian Necromancy with it.
  • Skills and Tactical Knowledge of an Optimus Prime- As she is a corrupted version a universe's Optimus Prime, she has all the knowledge and combat skills one would expect an Optimus to have. 


After the years of torture, Nemesis has been conditioned to be a cold blooded killing Machine, obeying any orders her Master, Unicron, would give her.  However, somewhere beneath all of that, buried deep inside her, is the heart and compassion she once had as her Universe's Optimus, it will occasionally show through when she's shown hesitating to kill those resembling her former troops.  The way she is currently, she views this as a weakness and wants to eliminate it.


Nemesis first arrived in this universe, scouting for planets for Unicron to devour, upon arriving to Guilt Edge, she found herself distracted by a tournament, a tournament which she lost.  Months later, she took this rage out on pair of Magical Girls in the woods, this altercation ended with her frozen in the south pole.  Months after being frozen, Nemesis broke free vowing revenge of Saya.

Relationship Guide[]