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Basic Info
Age Unknown, at least old enough to drink
Birthday Unknown, tells nobody
Gender Female
Race Vampire
Classification ???
Affiliation None
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Yofukashi no Uta
Powers Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Corruption, Regeneration, Intangibility, Enhanced Senses, Object Hardening, Self-Sustenance, Pressure Points
Weapons None
Equipment Special cloak/jacket
Status Active
Face Claim Nazuna Nanakusa
Player Jade/Eris
Consent is important, yo.


Nazuna is a female vampire from a world where vampires work quite a bit differently than they do in most worlds. She is a very laid back individual who enjoys the night, who would rather spend a night drinking and carousing with locals than terrorizing the countryside.

She runs a night-time massage parlor and overnight hostel in Town that enables her to meet people that she can feed on without forming a connection and risking turning them into vampires. Unlike many vampires, she does not drink from people unless they give permission.

Vampires from Nazuna's world can only make other people into vampires if the person they drink from is in love with them. To vampires, drinking blood is more than just eating. Nazuna explains it as being similar to intercourse, as drinking blood has the distinct possibility of ending in another vampire being made, though it is not a sure thing (much like pregnancy). However, because Nazuna has absolutely zero interest in creating new vampires, to her it is simply the same as eating.


Nazuna is a fairly short woman, standing just a head or so higher than a middle school boy. Her body is very thin, with pretty spindly arms and legs, which hides her immense vampiric strength very well.

Her hair is a very, very light purple, appearing almost grey. She keeps it long enough to reach the middle of her back, however she keeps it in two long braids that she then curls up and pins to the rest of her hair, making two large rings. She has bangs that go down almost to her eyes, covering her eyebrows, and two medium-length tufts of hair that hang down from the middle of her head, framing her face, and ending just at her mouth.

She has very striking blue eyes. Instead of normal irises and pupils, her eyes have an almost target-like appearance with black rings that intersperse sections of her irises, getting smaller as they get to the middle until they reach the pupil. This gives her a piercing gaze that varies between uncanny and uncomfortable depending on how she looks at someone.

Nazuna can most often be seen wearing a large piece of clothing that resembles something like a cross between a cloak and a hooded jacket. This large piece of clothing covers almost the entirety of her body, going down to the middle of her calves and leaving only her hands exposed.

Underneath the large cloak, Nazuna's general attire is a pair of black denim shorts that go down to just past her upper thigh, and a black leather cropped keyhole shirt with no sleeves. Unlike other keyhole tops, hers has a collar that goes up higher and covers a good portion of her neck. It also has a similar hole in the back that shows her shoulder blades. Hers is also very cropped, short enough that it ends just beneath her breasts and leaves a large section of her stomach and back uncovered. She also wears a pair of thigh-high leather boots and occasionally leather gloves to complete her normal look.

Occasionally Nazuna will wear a longer leather skirt that covers more of her legs, and a more appropriate keyhole top that meets the skirt at her waist and buttons up the middle. However, it still retains the cutout on the front that shows her cleavage, as minimal as it is.


Nazuna is a very laid-back individual. She is not overly friendly but she is a very relaxed presence in most situations. She's willing to talk to just about anyone and prefers keeping on good terms with everyone, including people that would normally consider themselves her enemy because of her vampirism.

Nazuna gets along really well with people who enjoy the night, and really loves to show people new to the night life of Town around.

She does not really advertise the fact that she is a vampire, however she is more open about it than might be expected. This is because she does not drink from people who do not consent to it. Sometimes this means telling them she's a vampire, other people are just into that sort of thing. She cares a lot about not being a bad person.

Nazuna is very open about sexual things and has no problems at all discussing them. However, she is very romance-averse and reacts very strongly in embarassment to the word "love" when used in the romantic sense.


Superhuman Physical Characteristics: Can move so fast she is imperceptible to normal humans (normal running/travelling speed is about 40 miles per hour), her lifting maximum is 2 tons, her striking force is enough that she can punch a whole through a reinforced steel wall, and she is durable to the extreme (capable of losing limbs or enduring wounds that would be deadly to normal people with minimal impact of her abilities.)

Corruption: Vampires from Nazuna's world can only create new vampires if the person they drink from is in love with them. However, they can make non-vampiric servants, or thralls, by feeding a person some of their blood. A vampire cannot create a servant unwillingly; that is, someone other than the vampire cannot forcibly take their blood and make servants that way.

Regeneration: Nazuna can regenerate from just about any wound. It is unknown what, exactly, can kill a vampire. It is likely that only complete bodily destruction can fully kill a vampire, though it is unlikely that a vampire whose brain has been destroyed can regenerate (at least not without major issues such as memory loss.)

Intangibility: Vampires can move through walls and other solid objects much like a ghost can, however it is an activation-based power and does take some concentration to do. It is unlikely that a vampire thrown at a wall will be able to become intangible fast enough to avoid crashing into it. They can even move through other people.

Pressure Points: Nazuna is very good at massages, and knows basically every pressure point on a person's body. She has even began learning the different points in other species on Rigel.

Enhanced Senses: Nazuna can see, hear, taste, smell, and even feel better than normal people. Basic vampire stuff.

Object Hardening: Simply by touching something and willing it, Nazuna can increase the hardness properties of object. She most often does this with her cloak, hardening the edge of the fabric to knife-like levels and using it as a weapon against enemies. The extent at which she can harden objects is not completely known, as she can make her cloak's fabric- which is generally pretty soft and flexible- to a knife's sharpness and she can make simple wood as hard as steel.

Self-Sustenance: After becoming a vampire, a person loses the need to eat, drink, sleep, and breathe and even experiences lowered sexual urges. Unlike most vampires, Nazuna- and vampires like her- do not even need to drink blood on a regular basis to survive, nor do they require it to power their abilities. However, going too long without feeding (approximately 2-3 months) will make Nazuna very irritable. It is currently unknown how long a vampire must go without feeding to experience negative bodily consequences, though it can be assumed that not feeding for a year or more is an extremely bad idea.