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Basic Info
Status Active
Member Since January, 2013
Roleplay Time 5 Years, 9 months (Total) 3 years, 6 months (BLN)
Contact Details
Steam Name [JIT] Nash
E-mail On need-to-know basis
Other Discord: Nash#9099

Player Information[]

Nash is a fairly recent player in BLN who joined in January of 2013. He tends to play very militaristic characters, such as ex-special forces or wannabe special forces.

Nash likes casual, slice-of-life style interactions, mostly out of disagreement with the standard rolling system. Either way, he doesn't do well in anything involving more than three or four players.

It should also be known that while Nash will sometimes discuss playing existing characters, many of these plans never come to fruition and you are always welcome to ask about taking the claim from him.


Nash began roleplaying in the May of 2011 on Ponychan's /rp/ board, where he played the original incarnation of Logan Nash and briefly the first version of Leeroy Gallowglass. A year and a half, and some personal turmoil later, he found himself wondering why his friend FoxTrott hadn't been seen in a chatroom he frequented. Upon asking, she told him that she was too busy with Better Layton Never. It didn't take long for him to apply, and three weeks of whining later, he started playing the current incarnation of Leeroy.

List of Characters[]




  • Dixie Jones (Confederate States of America)
  • Germany
  • Darth Machta (Lady of the Sith)
  • Titus Mactator (villain)
  • "Vieren" (Grimdark AU Leeroy)


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