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Basic Info
Age Chronologically 2, but much older and more mature due to time dilation between Worm Holes
Birthday ???
Gender Male
Race Energy being inhabiting SOLU
Classification Alien, Genderbent Kamen Rider
Affiliation Cosmic Rider Club, Wayne Manor
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Kamen Rider Fourze, Genderbend AU
Powers Ability to create new Astro Switches from SOLU
Weapons Rocket Switch
Equipment Nagihiko Driver
Status Discontinued
Face Claim Kiritsugu Emiya- Fate/Zero
Player Ivory

Nagihiko Misaki, is an energy being spawned from a piece of SOLU(Seed Of Life from the Universe) gaining sentience, being forced to become an energy being, Nagihiko traveled space, through various black holes and wormholes, which resulted in his journey being the equivalent of 17 human years.  Eventually he gathered nonsentient SOLU fragments to give himself a physical body again.

Using the Nagihiko Driver, Nagihiko can transform into Cosmic Rider Nagihiko, with it, his hair turns white and he gains access to any of Fourze's arm cosmic switches. 

Skills and Abilities[]

Nagihiko with his Driver activated.

As a living mass of SOLU, Nagihiko can copy the appearance of living things, and create and improve Astro Switch based technology.

Having created the Nagihiko driver, he gave himself power equal to Cosmic Rider Fourze, and has the ability to use any Arm switches, the leg switches being inaccesible to him.


Having gained sentience from a series of events involving Jennifer Kisaragi, Nagihiko's personality is shockingly similiar to her.  Being extremely friendly, Nagihiko tries his best to make friends wtih everyone he can, making it his personal goal to "Make friends with every Alien visiting the planet".  When push comes to shove, he'll defend his friends with a fierce pation, declaring that "A real man defends his family, and to me, my friends are My family."


Upon the disappearance of Jennifer Kisaragi's signal in her space ship, the Cosmic Rider club sent Nagihiko out to find her, eventually Nagihiko traced Jenny back to Wayne Manor, and shipped himself via UPCS(United Pegasus Courier Services).  Upon arriving he was shocked to see Jenny de-aged, he'd created a cosmic switch that is "growing" and once it's finished it'll allow Jenny to return to her proper Age.

Relationship Guide[]

  • Jennifer Kisaragi- Best Friend/Personality template, sometimes Girlfriend
  • Cosmic Rider Club- Best friends