Moralltach Redgrave
Basic Info
Age 19
Birthday 28th June 1994
Gender Male
Race Human
Classification Demon Weapon
Affiliation Wayne Manor
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Soul Eater (OC)
Powers Transformation into a Double Edged Sword, attached Fire element.
Weapons Himself
Equipment N/A
Status Active
Face Claim Accelerator (To Aru Majutsu No Index)
Player TheBaffMan

Moralltach 'Mort' Redgrave is a Double-Edged Sword type Demon Weapon of the Soul Eater universe, and is form the same version of that universe that contained the other S.E. characters in the canon, aside from Gorgon. His current Meister is Janet, but he has had three other meisters prior.

Heavily influenced by a developed Madness of Rage, Mort has since learned to control and hold back his fury, though it's likely the welcoming and somewhat calm environment of the Manor as a whole has helped considerably toward this.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Without a MeisterEdit

As a weapon, Moralltach is relatively unskilled alone. He bears no talent for partial transformation of his body and can only go between full sword and full human forms at will.

This lack of ability also carries through to his Fire elemental property, which again he cannot control alone, instead occasionally causing him to spontaneously set on fire. Mort isn't immune to his own flames in human form, and can be burned, but his affinity for the element gives him accelerated healing from burn-related wounds.

Under the Influence of Madness

When consumed by his Madness of Rage, Mort seems to forego his ability to burn himself with his flames, instead readily accepting the fire and somehow managing to control it. Partial transformation still appears to be impossible, but he has displayed an incredible increase in both strength and combat ability with his flames alone.

With a MeisterEdit

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