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Status Active
Member Since 2012
Roleplay Time 5 years
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Steam Name IvoryScratch
Other ???

Player Information[]

Ivory has been a player in the BLN canon for a bit, while she's had little if any significant impact on the canon as a whole she's made a few contribuitions to it.

Introduced Gameindustri to the canon, as well as the majority of it's inhabitants.

She's also the High lord of fluffy tail person who manages and writes for the kitsune species native to Mo'galile

She has way too many characters, someone please stop her from making too many more.


Ivory started roleplaying in a chatroom group in 2009, eventually faded from that and roleplaying all together until she came upon Ponychan's RP board where she participated in the Destination Equestria(at the time unamed) canon, as well as Hell's Army.  Once the latter had ended, she slowly drifted away from the roleplay scene again, staying in contact with friends through various means.  Eventually she came back, and signed up for Better Layton Never, not actually starting to Roleplay or talk with the group until several months after being accepted.

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Other Memory Interface Units[]

  • AMI
  • CMI
  • FMI
  • NMI
  • JMI

Tokumei Sentai Go-busters[]

  • Hiromu Sakurada/Red Buster
  • Ryuji Iwasaki/Blue Buster
  • Yoko Usami/Yellow Buster
  • Masato Jin/Beet Buster
  • Beet J. Stag/Stag Buster

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