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Basic Info
Age 22
Birthday April 3rd, 1993
Gender Female
Race Human/Wolf
Classification Mahou Rider, Kamen Rider, Wizard, mage
Affiliation Wayne Manor, Rider-tans
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Kamen Rider Wizard
Powers Various Magic abilities through the use of her mana, as well as the mana of her inner phantom, WizarDragon. Rider Powers
Weapons WizarSwordgun, AxeCalibur
Equipment WizarDriver, Magic Rings, Machine Winger(motorcycle)
Status Active
Face Claim Kagerou Imaizumi (Touhou), and Jo (3 Panel Soul)
Player Ivory (Player)

Haruko Souma is the Genderbent version of Haruto Souma from Kamen Rider Wizard, as such she plays an identical role to him.

Haruko fighs Phantoms to ensure peace and bring Hope to those in despair

Haruko often shortens her name to just "Haru".

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

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Haruko wearing "Mage Robes" Art is "Jo" from the webcomic Series "3 Panel Soul"

Through use of channeling her mana and various incantations, Haruko is able to cast various magic spells, currently only having the skills and focus to do simple ones. Through use of her WizarDriver and Magic Rings, Haruko can do various other spells as well as Transform into Mahou Rider Witch (Formerly Wizard, but after finding out about her Kamen Rider counterpart, she felt the need to differintiate herself from him). 

Haru's Flame Styles

Before becoming a Mage she was an acomplished college Soccer Player, almost went pro.

After being transformed partially by 3fox, Haruko is part wolf, and as such has claws, sharper teeth, and enhanced senses, even out of her transformed state, however she has bought a set of enchanted "Mage" robes that hide her wolf life appearance.

Haruko's abilities as Mahou Rider Wizard can be Presumed to be identical to those of Haruto Soma, albeit Magical Girl versions


Haru is an easily excited woman, often times jumping into action quickly if something sounds fun.  She always tries to see the best in people, and tries her best to be there for any and all of her friends, once you get to know her, she's likely not to protest if you're to eat one of her plain sugar donuts.

Whenever a subject involves phantoms, she becomes dead serious, and almost hell bent on ending the threat at hand.

Her favorite food is Plain sugar donuts, frequently eating them in favor of other foods, and they being the only flavor of donut she normally eats


Having arrived through a rift, Haruko uses her Connect Magic ring as a way to stabilize the rift in the form of a purple version of her normal Magic Circle, while exploring she eventually discovered the Manor and moved in with her, now deceased, adoptive Big Brother, Koyomi.  Eventually she met Saya Tsuki, at the time going by the name Midday, the two becoming friends quickly, and through use of the Copy ring, Partners in magic, after several adventures, a misunderstanding from Saya's Mentor, and even more adventures and a blossoming relationship, Haru eventually became engaged to Midday, but frequently disappeared due to having to defend her home world.  After defeating the "Super" Gremlin Phantom, Haruko took up permanent residence in Wayne Manor and the world of Rigel Prima, with the Philospher's stone, in the form of the Hope Ring, containing the soul of her dead bro, on her finger.  After Marrying Saya, she now seeks a way to keep the Hope Ring out of all hands, including her own.

After her wife, Saya Souma, made a deal with 3fox, which stated that if the latter had gotten full access and permission to use the Rider Rings, that she'd shapeshift Haruko in some sort of "cute" manner, Haruko was made part wolf.

After an encounter back in her home universe with the Ogre phantom, Haruko is no longer searching for a place for her adoptive Brother to rest, and is now, mostly, retired, helping her wife, Saya, with the bakery she owns, and fighting phantoms whenever they arise in this world.  Because of her general set of skills, she's debated on joining the TPD, or going back into soccer.

Since her Wife has gone into a series of other endeavors include Apex Force, Haruko has resumed being an adventurer and freelance super hero in her free time.

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