Glimmer Snuggler
Basic Info
Age 2 1/2 year old
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Mo'gallian Doppelgänger
Classification Doppelgänger
Affiliation Apex Force
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Mirror World/Rigel Prima
Powers Copy the appearance of others
Weapons Katana, Hammer, Flame thrower
Equipment Professor Layton's Top Hat (Mirror World Copy)
Status Active
Face Claim Pinkie Pie (MLP:FiM)

Yuzuriha (Under Night In-birth)

Player Judith

A woman who was born of an evil sorcerer's spell, Glimmer's original intent was to pose as Princess Sparkly Cuddler and infiltrate the manor. But the spell used to create her was flawed and, as a result, Glimmer was an opposite of the pony that served as her base, later becoming like a sister to her base.

Much time has passed for Glimmer and she's gone through many changes in order to find her own identity and a stable body. Recently, she has succeeded in doing so and has become a better person because of it.

Glimmer former human appearance.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Former Powers: Originally, Glimmer didn't have much in the way of special powers. She was skilled with whatever weapons Sparkly was at the time of her creation and could change between a human and pony form at will.
  • Current Powers: Now as a Mo'Gallian Doppelgänger, one of Mo'Gallile's demon races, she has the ability to take on the appearance and voice of people she encounters.


Originally Glimmer was a cynical and ill tempered person who made little to no attempt at being nice to anyone that wasn't her "sister" Sparkly. This isolated her from the rest of the people she lived with at the Wayne Mansion. This was primarily due to the fact she was internally struggling to find her own identity and the hardships her unstable body gave her. However after her journey for a new body, she settled down in Hlymrek in Mo'Gallile's Tundra region where she become the student of Allie Inarison, the Myobu of Mountain. In that time she evolved into a happier and more out going person easily able to get along with other people. A total switch from what she use to be.

But some aspects of her old self still remain such as having an easily triggered temper and her barely controlled pyromania.


Her first years of life were spent at Wayne Manor, doing little to nothing with her time. Once her magically created body started to destabilize, she traveled east to Mo'Gallile to seek out Catori Inarison, the Myobu of Spirit to create a new body for herself, one that would not only be more stable, but one that she could truly call her own. Afterwards, she become a Mo'Gallian Doppelgänger and moves to Hlymrek to live with Allie and be her student.

Currently Glimmer has moved back West into Equestria to learn the art of fire from Joanne Inarison and, by, extension, became a fresh member of the Apex Force.

Relationship GuideEdit