Firefly by lulubellct-d54w6xf
Basic Info
Age 22
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Pegasus Pony
Classification Stand User
Affiliation Wonderbolts((Formerly)), The Town
Chumhandle ???
Origin World My Little Pony
Powers Her Stand: Dangerzone, gives her the ability to fly at super Sonic speeds with it's assistance, and gives her the ability to absorb, and at a certain speed discharge, elemental energies
Weapons None
Equipment N/A
Status Active
Face Claim N/A
Player Ivory (Player)

Firefly is a pegasus Pony who lives in an apartment in the town, she works as a Free lance "Storm Buster", getting paid to destroy tropical storms and hurricanes when they form.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A Naturally gifted flyer, after bumping into a strange meteorite while exploring, she gained her Stand, Dangerzone!

Dangerzone, taking the appearance of a Pegasus mare formed out of the body of an F-15 fighter jet, gives Firefly the ability to fly and survive past super sonic speeds, along with the ability to absorb, and once hitting Mach 3, discharge, elemental energy.


Impulsive, irrational, and cocky are just three words used to describe Firefly.  The mare is absolutely confident in her abilities and does everything she can to show just how awesome she is.  Although she knows when something is at her limit, she often takes a chance and risks doing it anyway.

Despite these attributes, she's still a caring and kind pony, who's always there when her friends need her, and holds out that she can trust them to be the same for her.


As a filly she aspired to be in the wonderbolts and trained everyday to get to that point, eventually she made it in and lived the dream, from 18-22.  Her dreams were cut short when she bumped into the meteorite that gave her a stand, Danger Zone, boosting her flight capabilities. The other Wonderbolts grew suspicious of her sudden boost in flight capabilities, banning her from the group under the impression she had been using steroids. It was a bit hard for her to expect them to believe her if she told them "a spirit mare's been following me that's why I fly faster now".  Since then she's moved on and taken to storm busting, trying to avoid any Wonderbolts team members at all costs.

Relationship GuideEdit