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Dom The Bear
Basic Info
Status Active
Member Since 5 /2015
Roleplay Time 4 years
Contact Details
Steam Name Bad_Sneaky_Bear (Or dom_the_bear)
Other Bad_Sneaky_Bear

Player Information[]

Joined the BLN around early may of 2015, when Ponychan and MLPChan merged. Hasn't done too much besides a few RPs here and there with other members, though he hopes that'll change and he'll get immersed in the canon more so as time goes on. Dom also enjoys to play games and talk about random things, though he mostly plays PS4 and Xbox 360 games. Though always willing to play whatever with who ever so long as he can.


Dom has been roleplaying on Ponychan since 2011. Had joined several canons such as Hells Army, The Sixth Age, and other smaller ones which are gone by now. Though over those years he's spent almost every day roleplaying in the donut bar which he cares deeply for. He does how ever like to drift out here and there and test the waters of the other pools and see how he like sit, BLN seemed like a very fun place for him.

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