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Dawn Breaker
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Basic Info
Age much older than she looks
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Race Human(?)
Classification Demon Weapon
Affiliation DWMA
Chumhandle ???
Origin World The Elder Scrolls and Soul Eater
Powers Transformation into a Sword, on contact lights enemies on fire.
Weapons N/A
Equipment N/A
Status Active
Face Claim Eli Ayase, School Idol Project
Player Ivory

Dawn Breaker is the "Blade of the Sun", and a daedric artifact of the Prince "Meridia", having run off to the DWMA, she's now partners with Rose Hime

Dawn's weapon Form

Skills and Abilities[]

  • Weapon Transformation- Dawn can transform from her human form into that of a glowing sword.
  • Igniting enemies- Upon contact with an enemy they catch fire
  • Undead Explosion- when Dawn is used to kill an undead creature, sometimes the creature will explode and set other undead near by on fire.


Playful and witty, Dawn loves to tease her friends, and knows how to take a joke herself.  She has a very honest perspective of her abilities, and is absolutely loyal to her friends, even more so to her partner, Rose Hime, although it wasn't always like that, the two bonded over time.  One of Dawn's most glaring flaws though, is a phobia towards Undead, however she reacts very differently to this phobia than the average person would, instead of reacting in a panic attack, her fight instincts go into over drive and she experiences a slight personality shift to a person much more genocidal and blood thirsty.


Before coming to the world of Rigel Prima, Dawn ran away from home, which was a temple to the Daedric prince Meridia, and ended up in Death City Nevada.

There she had a rocky start with woman named Rose Hime at the "Death Weapon Meister Academy", the two frequently butted heads and argued over what was "proper" and how Dawn wasn't "a proper Lady".  Eventually the two ended up working together in a dangerous event involving a necromancer and an undead Dragon, since then the two have been partners, gone on several missions, and become rather good friends.

Relationship Guide[]

  • Rose Hime - Friend/Meister