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Battle Android Troopers
Item Info

Item Type Robotic Soldier/Drone
Owner Cobra
Created by Doctor Mindbender, Joel Maravalle
World of Origin GI Joe/Native
Depicted using Various

The Battle Android Troopers(or B.A.T.s) make up a good portion of Cobra's military might, serving as the go to when an operation doesn't require the human hand and precision. There are various variants of the BAT, however the opaque helmeted ones seem to make up the majority. A specific type of BAT that makes use of Mjolnir armor was designed and sold to Cobra, using the alias of MARS industries, by Joel Maravalle, prior to the group making their presence known as a terrorist organization


There are several known variants of the Battle Android Trooper, the most notable are below.

Standard Issue

Bats team.jpg

These Battle Android Troopers are the iconic variants among the ranks of the growing different diverse types. While not as durable or as capable in combat as other variants, they're ultimately cheap to produce and program. They seem to succeed in what many organic cobra soldiers can not and can actually hit their targets. While the majority of this sort of BAT uses the same standard issue weaponry as their organic counterparts, they also have a sort of detachable arm system in which they can equip various forms of situation dependent equipment. Interestingly, this "Arm change" feature seems to be compatible with other similar systems, such as Riderman's machine gun arm. There's various different types of the Standard issue BAT variant, for desert, jungle, ocean, and even arctic operation, there's a standard issue BAT for every occasion.

Sigma BAT

Cobra BAT (Sigma 6) 03.jpg

The Sigma BATs are designed to be large on the battlefield, cutting out much of the pseudo-musculature featured in the Standard Issue BATs, they're designed to be more agile and slightly more durable than the norm. However their biggest weakness is the fact they're exponentially more light weight than the standard bat and thus are more easily toppled over or tackled. The same light-weightness that plagues them, however, also makes them optimal flight-pack users.

Mjolnir Variant


The variant designed, in part, by Joel Maravalle, they make use of the Mjolnir armor that's not able to be used by normal humans. Their AI units are a simplified version of the MI units, and as such they're more capable of reasoning and strategy than the standard issue and Sigma BATs. While they no longer have ability to swap out arms and are less easily produced, the capabilities of the Mjolnir armor, combined with the lack of an organic component, make them a force to be reckoned with. There's a variety of appearancess they can take based on the preferences of the AI.