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The Trixie Clones were all created in a place they only know as "The Factory". The Factory was a cloning lab dedicated to creating the perfect copy of The Great and Powerful Trixie. The scientists commissioned to this project were hired by none other than Trixie herself to satisfy the great number of fans she had acquired as well as her own lusts. The Factory soon came to a screeching halt when a rift opened up in the center of the structure immediately absorbing all of the scientists and a majority of the research. The rift continued to grow as it consumed the facility from the inside out. The emergency systems kicked in just in time to awaken and release all of the Trixie Clones. Most of them for the first time.

Disoriented at the flashing lights many of the clones should have perished by the mysterious rift if it were not for the efforts of The Legendary Clone. None know her number, but all remember that day she held off the rifts growth with immense magical power. Realizing they were in danger, the Trixie Clones fled the building in various directions. One particular clone, Number 8, caught glimpse of a group of smaller ponies trapped in a large pen that had not opened from the emergency systems. Acting quickly she released them from their pen, rescuing them all. At this point the rift was pushing through the power of the Legendary Clone and continued to grow, although at a slower pace. The last of the Clones to leave was Number 5. Number 5 looked back to see the Legendary Clone give her one last smile before giving into the rift and being consumed along with the rest of the structure. Satisfied, the rift then collapsed in on itself and disappeared. The clones were all scattered too and fro across the globe. Any remaining records regarding the research and purpose of the facility were gathered and compiled by Number 5. It is currently estimated that there are 100 Trixie Clones and an unknown number of Zero Clones. How many have survived since then or still remain in this universe is unknown.

Other Known Trixie Clones[]

  • Clone Number 1
  • Clone Number 3
  • Clone Number 4
  • Clone Number 7
  • Clone Number 14
  • Clone Number 15
  • Legendary Clone

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