Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Basic Info
Age 35
Birthday ???
Gender Male
Race Human
Classification Super Soldier
Affiliation Justice Avengers
Chumhandle ???
Origin World Marvel Comics
Powers None obvious.
Weapons Unbreakable Shield.
Equipment Kevlar
Status Active
Face Claim N/A
Player Deadpony

Steve Rogers is a government expirement on reaching the peak of human potiential. The experiments only success, he now fights as Captain America for the downtroden everywhere.

Skills and Abilities

Though posessing no extraordinary powers like his fellow crime fighters, Steve has reached the peak of human physical attributes. Every one of his muscles is at top form allowing him to perform feats only capable by star athleites. Being a season veteran in the U.S. Military, he is also skilled in a variety of firearms and battlefield tactics. However he chooses to fight with his trusty shield in most situations. Over the years it has become almost second nature to him. This allows him to throw it with near perfect accuracy, able to calculate its trajectory allowing it to bounce back into his hands. Not to say he's not a skilled combatant without it. In hand to hand combat he is nearly unmatched.


Steve was choosen for the program because of his undenyable trait of wanting to help those in need. At any moment he is willing to throw down his own life for that of another. Though this dosn't neccessarily translate to villains. However he mainly follows a strict "No Kill" policy for a majority of his foes. When war strikes however all this is thrown out the window. A soldier above all else he is more then willing to pick up a gun when enemy forces are approaching. He also has been shown to have a rather dry sense of humor thanks to his child hood of a typical 1950's american child. Most things that would be deemed funny today would simply cause him to scratch his head.


Captain America's initial apperance in BLN was during the final act of the Craddock event. There he arrived just in time to help the Justice League take out the creature Doomsday. Since then he has been working with Superman to help form the newly aligned Justice Avengers. A group of skilled heroes and heroines

Relationship Guide

  • Superman - Partner
  • Spider-man - Teammate
  • Captain Marvel - Teammate
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