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Status Active
Member Since June 9th 2013
Roleplay Time 7 years
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Steam Name Caelum
Other Skype: Killinkyle1

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Caelum is a well known member of the BLN group. Despite only being here a few months, he is the most well liked, friendly person here who everyone is madly in love with. Whenever he speaks or types, everyone is in awe at his beautifully written characters and stories. He is an inspiration to all and sometimes known as the 'god' of the world. 

In real life, hes a filthy 18 year old hobo who lives with his parents and doesn't go to school, have a job, or a drivers license, among other things (Like a social life). He is a genius.


Caelum has been a member since his trip to the grand canyon. He joined after he was pestered hundreds of times- I mean... On his own merits, after being told of the beautiful canon by his lovely lesbian bird friend, Foxtrott .  He was originally accepted into the group, and despite getting the best set of... What was it? 55555? Whatever, that post number, he still had to wait a while because this place is run by faci- 


As I was saying... He eventually got in with his first character, Edward Elric. ORIGINAL CHARACTER, DO NOT STEAL. After a plethoria of intro'd characters he eventually settled down and well... To make a long story short, here we are now!

...What, you wanted an actual history? Naaaah.

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