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Astra L Bolt
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Basic Info
Age 24
Birthday January 8th
Gender Female
Race Goddess
Classification Deity
Affiliation Order of Solstice

Sburb Players

Chumhandle ???
Origin World N/A
Powers Immortality

Healing factor (Unaware) Magic (Mostly unaware) Blade Casting

Weapons Enchanted shards of Meteoric Platinum
Equipment Blade Casting Harness
Status Active
Face Claim Cinder Fall, RWBY
Player Astra Bolt

Knight Commander of the Order Solstice, she has at a very young age mastered the art of Blade-casting, an advanced form of magic that she plans on introducing to Rigel Prima as it's teacher.

Skills and Abilities[]

  • Combat Expert: Years of training since childhood have left her an extraordinary talent for combat in general
  • Sword Master: Mastery of most forms of swordplay.
  • Bladecaster: Practitioner of a rare and highly dangerous form of magic
  • Skilled Strategist.


Tends to see the world through the optimistic eyes of a soldier, has never seen conflict on a large scale, but has some understanding of how devastating it can be.


Astras time in Rigel Prima has been brief, only entering through a rift to be seriously wounded, causing her to fall into a deep slumber that allows her wounds to heal more efficiently, something she isn't actually aware of.

During this time, she was taken prisoner by the cyborg Nazis, who failed to properly search her and instead locked her up with the normal civilians of Town, allowing her to free many of them, and assist others in rescuing them.

Unfortunately, during this, she took a heavy amount of damage, which resulted in her using a nearby abandoned building to rest in, after which she woke up in her session of SBurb.

After Sburb, she spent two weeks living at the manor, before running into Ruby Rose while practicing her bladecasting, after a brief conversation the two spent some time at the Apex Tower, during which Astra was invited to interview for a position with the organization.

Seeing this as an opportunity to get out on her own, she interviewed with Jo, before accepting a position with the group.

Her time with the group went well, due to being the only tactics officer among the group her insight into matters in invaluable, while it keeps her from the field of combat it also leaves her with a surprising amount of time. Most of which she spends with Ruby, or studying and practicing her magical talents.

She eventually ran into Wade Wilson, who was familiar with another version of herself who has not been seen in sometime, while she is practically an identical copy of the other version of herself, she had the grace to not be raised by their father. Leaving her entirely in the dark as to her divine nature.

Relationship Guide[]