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Afteron from space; featuring the space elevator for interplanetary visitors.

Afteron is a planet located in the Rigelian solar system, located in a closer orbit to the sun in comparison to Rigel Prima. Afteron was previously uninhabited until roughly mid-2013 when the arrival of the remaining Troll species arrived to populate it. The entire planet afterwards was developed by the newcomer species which terraformed and populated the planet with hardy plant and animal life. The Trolls themselves are also slowly populating their newfound home using methods to ensure an issue of overpopulation will not be an issue on the horizon.


Afteron's position at the very edge of the 'goldilock zone' of the solar system makes it much warmer than other planets with an overall shorter day cycle compared to other inhabitable planets. The thin layer of ozone in the atmosphere does not protect from the radiation of the sun as well as other planets as well, making long exposure to the daytime dangerous to many living creatures. The foilage on the planet are all adapted to the more extreme environment thanks to their transplant from a similarly harsh ecosystem. There are no snow caps on the planet thanks to its position but clouds and rain are a common occurance as water evaporates and condenses in the rapidly warming and cooling atmosphere. Rainforests and deserts are common on the singular continent with few mountain ranges and lowland valleys. A massive ocean surrounds the continent and is constantly warm on the surface and tropical in nature. A constructed space elevator extends from the planet, serving as a stop for any space traveler to stop by. The elevator itself leads down to the only constructed city on the newly inhabited planet and serves as a point for the remaining Trolls to land or take off from when visiting or returning from other planets.


  • Afteron was named after a string of other rejected names by the inhabiting Trolls of the planet.
  • The founding of Afteron was done by the main eleven trolls upon entering the universe to rebuild their species.
  • Afteron is the third planet of the trolls meant to be their new homeworld. The names for the two previous planets were 'Beforus' and 'Alternia'.
  • Though Afteron is populated by a sapient species, communication and recognition of it by scientific circles in Rigel Prima remains at a standstill.