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Item Info

Item Type Mecha
Owner Apex Force Piloted by Spectre
Created by ATLAS Development Team
World of Origin Rigel Prima
Depicted using Atlas: Assault Class BattleMech from the BattleTech franchise

For the country, see Atlas Empire[]

The ATLAS (Anti Titan Level Artillery Storm-mech) Is a mecha developed for and used by the Apex Force. While technically the first of its kind, The ATLAS is a Storm-Mech, a Mecha designed to counter Cybertronian technologies, the ATLAS in particular being meant to counter Metrotitans.

Development History[]

Early on in the formation of the Apex Force, its leaders hired a development team and pilot to create the ATLAS, in reaction to ReverseWorld Starscream's Invasion making use of a Metrotitan just a few months prior.

Using technology scavenged from the attack itself, the development team worked months on the project itself. They hit roadblocks during the project, ranging from, trying to understand structure of the weapons, to just figuring out how energon works.

Development of the Mech was kept the utmost secret until its reveal, the only ones knowing about it being the development team, Spectre, Jo, and Saya.

Technical Specifications[]

While intended to be a counter to Cybertronian Metrotitans, the ATLAS itself is only about 65 Meters tall, barely reaching anywhere near a Titan's "toe". Where its strengths lay in Anti-titan combat is its arsenal.

The ATLAS's arsenal is as follows:

  • 2 miniature Nuclear Warheads
  • 100 Missile Pods
  • Energon powered "Laser Eyes" (in reality two Ion Blasters in the eye area)
  • Cybermatter eating "Acid Spray"
  • Energo Ax
  • Twin Energo broadswords
  • One Thermal Blade
  • Hardlight Energon Shields in the arms
  • Thermal Generators (in the fists.)
  • And a Spark Extractor